MicroAutomation MicroMessengerTM

MicroMessenger provides complete, turnkey campaign management for interactive outbound service and notifications. Available in the Voxeo cloud for instant, low- cost start-up and on-demand access to Voxeo’s IVR and multi-channel self-service platform. 

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Voxeo Outbound IVR and SMS

Voxeo is the market leader in Outbound IVR. Our advanced outbound and call progress analysis capabilities reliably detect answering machines, live answers, busies, and no answers to ensure campaign success. Voxeo also enables two-way SMS.

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Personalized nofications

Emergency notifications

Payment reminders

Appointment reminders

Welcome messages

Targeted promotions

Status updates

Renewal reminders



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Use Proactive Outbound
Customer Service for:

Proactive outbound customer service offers companies the ability to deliver important notifications, expedite collections and more.  In order to put the advantages of Outbound IVR to work for you, it is important to understand the intricacies of successful outbound calling, how it differs from your Inbound IVR solutions, and the importance of delivering a cohesive customer experience. This whitepaper will explore the business case for Outbound IVR and the critical success factors you need to consider to maximize the Return On Investment (ROI) and increase the quality of care provided to your customers.

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Best Practices in Proactive Customer Engagement

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